Services for Seniors and Families

  • Case management for seniors and families
  • Assessments to identify needs and barriers for seniors
  • Development and implementation of care plans tailored to seniors
  • Coordination of long term care for seniors with physical/mental impairment(s)
  • Screen, arrange, monitor and manage healthcare and social services needs
  • Advocate for seniors and families through a continuum of care needs
  • Review financial needs and assist with the completion necessary forms and/or required applications for services and assistance
  • Screen and review for eligibility of support services
  • Offer referrals to specialists as needed or required
  • Assist seniors and families in the transition of relocation to retirement communities, assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation, and/or skilled care/nursing community
  • Overall support and education for seniors and families
  • Liaison for seniors and families
  • Community re-entry training post-rehabilitation
  • Notary Public Service

Services for Businesses and Organizations / Professionals

  • CPR training for healthcare professionals and general learners
  • Service excellence training (customized to an organization’s needs)
  • In-service training for health care programs and institutions related to health care professions
  • In-service training for CNAs focused on serving the needs of seniors and family members
  • Executive Director/Administrator team building strategies and techniques to implement organization changes within long term care communities
  • Executive Leadership coaching and advisory services
  • Recreational Therapy support and training to include patient and family centered care
  • Notary Public Services
  • Research consultant within the senior living industry and universities

Services for the Senior Population

Services for the Health Care Industry