Our Story

As an informal caregiver, I realized early in my life there were many challenges in caring for seniors. As a young teenager I took care of my Grandfather, Phagna Tha Manibod (former Governor of Laos and former Supreme Court Justice). My grandfather and my mother faced language barriers, cultural differences, and the progression of dementia. Caring for my grandfather became quite frustrating and difficult for my family as we tried to advocate and manage his care and medical issues.

Encountering healthcare providers who seemed to lack the knowledge of person-directed care, customer service, and the sensitivity of cultural differences added to the challenges of caring for my grandfather. This impactful time in my life, watching my grandfather deal with the loss of independence while doing the best I could to preserve his dignity and manage his care inspired my career. It was the experience of providing care for my grandfather that continues to motivate me today in providing the highest level of service, dignity and care for the senior population.

Our company takes pride in what we do to service the needs of the senior population. SMClark for Seniors believes in serving its clients with the same level of care, passion and focus as when its founder Soukhy Clark did in caring for her grandfather.
It would be an honor for SMClark for Seniors to serve as your advocate and your partner in meeting your specific needs. SMClark for Seniors was formed to honor those whose voices may be left unspoken or unheard. This is in memory of my late grandfather and to honor the many caregivers such as my mother, Chansouk Manibod Rasasack.


We are dedicated to provide advocacy, support, training, and education by preserving the dignity and legacy of those we are committed to serve.

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